What you can expect


The one-year internship program is designed to train and develop believers so they are confident ministers of Jesus and builders of the local church. In this Internship Placement, Personal Development and Ministry are the three building blocks.


In a placement, you gain experience and a behind-the-scenes take on the church but also carry responsibility and be given the space to develop and execute current and new projects. During the Internship program, you serve in two different departments of the church for 5,5 months each. By being part of these core teams you see how things operate and you get skilled to do the same. Important aspects of the placement are learning how to support a vision, carry responsibility and add to the ministry. You learn how to run projects and be given the room to come up with new ideas, solutions, and improvements.


6-8 hours per week


With individual and in-class study, personal coaching and intensive training days you will not only gain more insight and knowledge in the things of God but learn how to implement them in your life. Topics that will be included are communication & conflict resolution, introduction to pastoring, Bible Interpretation, the Holy Spirit, Public Speaking, e.a.


Besides the input you will get from lecturers, trainers and your individual study we will put an emphasis on strengthening your personal devotional life. The basis of ministry is a healthy and strong relationship with God. Being in prayer and the Word are essential. Every semester you will learn new ways of building that relationship.


• 2-hour classes every 3 weeks
• 2 intensive training days
• 20 sessions one-year program of C3 College (Theology, Biblestudy & Ministry training)

• Prayer & devotions


The ultimate goal is that we can be used by God and are able to give others from what He has put within. During the Internship, we also give attention and training in ministering to others. Standing before a group to share something from the Bible, leading others in prayer, evangelism, teaching in the Journey Begins course are some of the ways in which you could serve others. There will be opportunities both within our church and on a mission trip.


• 2 speaking tasks in class
• leading of 2 college prayer meetings
• at least 2 public ministry opportunities outside of class
• Mission trip abroad

Registration information

The college fee for 1 year of Internship is € 750*
*5% discount applies for full payment before the beginning of the year. Monthly payment plan available. (Initial Payment of € 145 before beginning of year + 11 x € 55). The costs for the mission trip is not included in the college fee. The cost of the Mission Trip for 2018 will be between €150 and €250 depending on destination. This will be decided in January 2018.


  1. Register through the Registration page of the website
  2. Complete application form you will receive
  3. Decision of acceptance enrollment
  4. Intake meeting with principal C3 College
The internship will have two new possible start dates in 2018, on the 2nd of February and 1th of September!