Program 2018


Baptism &  Power gifts of the Holy Spirit (13 Feb) MT 1*

Doctrine of the Bible (20 & 27 Feb) TH 1*


1 Peter (13 & 20 Mar) BS 1*


Doctrine of God (10 & 24 Apr) TH 2*


Bible study prophetic book (15 & 22 May) BS 2*


Vocal & Revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit                      (26 Jun) MT 2*


Book club 1 (3, 10 & 17 Jul)


Book club 2 (7, 14 & 21 Aug)


Doctrine of Men & Sin (11 & 18 Sep) TH 3*


MT 3* topic to be confirmed (2 Oct)

1 Timothy part 1 (30 Oct) BS 3*


1 Timothy part 2 (6 Nov) BS 3*

Doctrine of Christ (20 & 27 Nov) TH 4*


MT 4* topic to be confirmed (11 Dec)

*MT = Ministry Training, BS = Bible study, TH = Theology

A whole year of teaching and training


In 2018 we offer instead of two courses per year, one year program of teaching and training. You don’t have to choose anymore between courses that you are able to follow but you get access to al the lecture nights and seminars. From February to December 2018 we have monthly lectures in which we offer a varied package of topics. We believe that a year full of teaching and training will cause continuous growth.


Theology, Bible study, ministry training, and extras


The program consists of theological teaching, Bible study, ministry training and a few extras as the book clubs and two seminars with guest lecturers (dates and speakers to be confirmed).


Practical Information


The lectures will take place in the building of C3 Church Amsterdam from 19:30-21:30.

Parking is free at the location from 19:00 onwards. The lectures will be catered to Dutch as well as to English speaking students.




You can register for this one-year program via this website on the registration page.

The tuition fee for one-year of college is €165. You have the option to fulfill the fee in monthly payments of €15 or make a one-off payment and get a discount of €10.