Every Person Transformed in Christ & Empowered for Purpose. That is our vision in C3 Church and C3 College. Nothing more or anything less. At C3 College we are passionate about seeing as many as possible growing in their walk with Jesus. We want to see the life of Christ in everyone surface, unfold and shine. All our courses, training and programs are developed with this in mind because we know that this causes the Church to grow, be strengthened and function fully.


At C3 College Amsterdam there are three things that we find really important: information, inspiration and application. Information because we simply need to know. God says that lack of knowledge will destroy us. Knowledge about God and the things of God brings clarity, wisdom and security. Besides great knowledge we also want to show you how to apply what you learn. It is when we put into practice what we learn that we will see the amazing transformation and empowerment by God in our lives.


Of course we also want to encourage and inspire you in all our training. We are a Spirit filled college and want everything we do to happen in an atmosphere of faith and under the anointing and leading of the Holy Spirit. He is our greatest teacher and guide. He can lead us into all truth and reveal to us what God wants us to know. And last but not least we believe in learning in group. Going through a course together wil enrich your learning experience greatly and is an amazing way to move forward.