New college program in 2018


In 2018 we offer a new year program of teaching and training. In stead of separate courses we offer an eleven month program in which you receive theology, Bible study and ministry training. In the theological classes we will look in 2018 to Christian Doctrine. Doctrine of the Bible, of Men & Sin, of God and of Christ. In the Bible study classes we will look to 1 Peter and 1 Timothy from a leadership perspective. We will also study one of the prophetic books. Ministry Training subjects are a combination of biblical foundation and practical training of the topics. We will look at the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the different gifts of the Spirit. Besides the scheduled lectures we will also organise some extra’s such as book clubs and 2 seminars throughout the year.


You can register for this one-year program via this website on the registration page. The tuition fee for one-year of college is €165. You have the option to fulfill the fee in monthly payments of €15 or make a one-off payment and get a discount of €10.