The Team

The college is headed up by our principal, Ferry Hofer, a staff member who serves under and reports to our senior ministers, Ps Steve and Lizby Warren. For the different courses and lectures, Ferry can count on an excellent team of lecturers and facilitators. Besides members of the leadership team of C3 Amsterdam & Almere the team is build up from teachers out of the C3 Global team and other guest speakers.


Our Principal

The C3 College is led by our Principal, Ferry Hofer, who is responsible for the daily running of the College. Ferry was born and raised in Belgium in a missionary family of seven. At the age of 30, he moved to Australia where he studied Christian Ministry and Theology at the C3 College in Sydney. After graduating in 2010 he followed the call back to Europe and joined C3 Amsterdam in 2011 where he has been on staff ever since. With a passion for the Word of God, eagerness to keep learning and strong desire to see people grow in God – he is the right man for the job. Ferry is married to Aliska. In 2017 they became parents to their first child Isla.